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Chakra Energy & Balancing sessions: using hands-off reiki techniques, we work with your energy to determine the status of your chakras and where things may be out of balance; then  energies are realigned to ensure that you have the very best energy going forward. These sessions usually last a little over an hour and are $69.

In-person Tarot Readings: Our tarot reader works with your energy and thru his tarot deck and spirit guides, gives you a no-nonsense tarot reading. Depending on the energy and the information he receives for you, these readings last at least an hour and could sometimes run a lot longer. All for the cost of $89, regardless how long the session goes.

Medium Readings: Leslie has had many years of experience connecting with spirit and conveying messages from loved ones, those in your life that have passed on and have messages for you. Leslie does not use cards as a medium; she has a team of guides, angels and her loved ones to bring messages to you. These readings are 1 hour in length and are $89.

Mediumship Mentoring: In addition to readings, Leslie also provides mentoring sessions for those that have mediumship abilities and don’t know what to do with them. She will sit with you to help assist in your path of learning and turning your abilities on and off and just help answer any questions you might have regarding your gifts. These sessions are 1 hour in length and are $89 as well.

Past Life Regression:  A two-hour hypnotic journey through the Akashic Records and into a past life. During the session, you will be reminded of the life that your higher self knows will bring you the most healing in your current life. You may also be greeted by your spirit guides and angels along the way. Explore a new perspective, tap into your innate intuitive gift, and bring back the wisdom and guidance you are looking for.  This 2 hour session is $149.

If you’re interested in any of the above sessions, give us a call to schedule. We appreciate cash payment at the time of your appointment; cards will run $10 more, so bring cash.  Call at 423-803-4378 and schedule soon!

Grounding MeditationStardust Spiritual Shoppe
00:00 / 10:21
Root Chakra MeditationStardust Spiritual Shoppe
00:00 / 11:19
Solar Plexus Chakra meditationStardust Spiritual Shoppe
00:00 / 13:39
Throat Chakra MeditationStardust Spiritual Shoppe
00:00 / 11:14
Sacral Chakra meditationStardust Spiritual Shoppe
00:00 / 11:48
Heart Chakra meditationStardust Spiritual Shoppe
00:00 / 12:00
Third Eye Chakra meditationStardust Spiritual Shoppe
00:00 / 15:22