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Spells & Other Info

Here are some spells we like, have used, or are from authors we connect with.  These are by no means any kind of "holy grail".  We offer them as guidance.  Use them in their entirety, use a part of them, or not at all.  Everyone practices differently so if something doesn't resonate with you, you don't have to use it.

 Resolve some of your self-sabotaging

Use to help open your third eye 

What Litha is all about & a quick ritual too

First of the seasonal harvest festivals

Manifestation vs. Meditation

Mantras  & Affirmations to use with chakra & Reiki work

Intro to Psychic Mediumship

Clairs, Chakras & Meditation

Cleanse, Charge, Set Intentions

Cleanse, Charge, Set Intentions

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