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Stone Sets, Chakra Stones, Selenite & Raw Stones

Stone Sets.jpg

Sets available:


Astral Travel


Centering & Grounding


Healing - Health

Healing - Mental

Healing - Sorrow


Magick & Spellwork

Magick - Spirit Guides


Prosperity & Success


Removing Negativity

Strawberry Quartz Crystal Ball.jpg

Chakra Stones & Selenite

Selenite & Chakra.jpg
Crystal Prisms.jpg
Massage Wands.jpg

Raw Stones in stock vary but this page shows a representation of what we typically carry - give us a call to see what we might have currently!

Selenite Wands.jpg
Amethyst & Rose Quartz.jpg
Raw Stones 2.jpg
Raw Stones 4.jpg
Raw Stones 1.jpg
Raw Stones 7.jpg
Raw Stones 5.jpg
Raw Stones 6.jpg
Raw Stones 3.jpg
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